The first European leadership programme
2013 Selection of European Young Leaders

Elena Alfaro
Elena is a manager at the BBVA Group Innovation unit, where she leads the Big Data/Smart Cities Global Initiative aimed at creating new urban services based on smart data and information management. For this, she has obtained international recognition through various publications in the media. She has played an active role in the development of telecommunications in EMEA and LATAM in the business development area, and subsequently expanded her career as an expert in the field of innovation. Elena holds a degree in Economics & Business Management from the University of Madrid and a BA in Business Studies from the University of Sunderland in the UK.

Cayetana Alvarez de Toledo
Cayetana is a Member of the Spanish Parliament since 2008 and she is currently Vice President of the Joint Committee for the European Union and a Member of the Justice and Constitutional Committees. She is also Head of Analysis of the Partido Popular of Madrid and Director of the International Department of FAES Foundation. She was awarded the Silver Microphone of the Spanish Professional Association of Informants of Press, Radio and Television for her articles published in El Mundo. She holds a BA and a PhD in History from Oxford University.

Martijn Arets
Martijn is Founder and CEO of Brand Expedition, a new concept enterprise comprising a foundation, consultancy and publishing experience based on sharing entrepreneurial lessons and stories of well-known brands and inspiring people in the areas of branding, strategy and social media. With his new initiative Forget The Box he combines the gems of the new and the old world in order to create and implement new concepts regarding value creation, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding—all guided by his philosophy: don’t try to think out of the box, there is no box! In his book Brand Expedition, a best seller in the Netherlands, Martijn has shared his experience meeting with people behind some of the most popular European brands. In 2011, Martijn won the Dutch Entrepreneur of the Year Award and was nominated for ABN AMRO’s Entrepreneurial Book of the Year Award.

Dawood Azami
Dawood is one of the most promising young journalists and scholars of his generation in the UK. He has been working for the BBC World Service in London as a Senior Broadcast Journalist and is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Westminster, where he teaches Globalization, Power and International Governance. He joined the BBC in 1998 and also worked as the BBC World Service Bureau Chief and Editor in Kabul, Afghanistan. He was also a visiting scholar at Ohio State University, USA. He holds three Bachelor's and three Master's degrees, including Science, Law, International Relations and Diplomacy. In 2010, Dawood became the youngest person to ever win the biggest award in the BBC, the “Global Reith Award for Outstanding Contribution”. He is also a poet/writer, calligrapher and painter/artist.

Cristina Batlan
Cristina is Founder, CEO and Head of Design at Musette, one of the leading fashion accessory companies in Romania. The brand is present all over the world, with stores in Paris, New York, Luxembourg, Beirut, Budapest, Bulgaria and Israel. In 2004, Cristina was named one of Romania’s “Top Successful Women” and obtained the Oskar Capital award in the “Promising Entrepreneur of the Year” category. In 2005 she launched a new brand, Cristhelen B, exclusive property of Musette. In 2011, she received the prestigious Entrepreneurship Prize at the Business Woman Gala and was named one of the 100 Romanian Successful Young Managers of the Year. She is also Founder of the Arena Leilor Foundation and a member of the International Dinners Club.

Remus Benta
Remus is CEO of DAW Benta Romania, a leading company in the field of construction, transportation, real estate and property management. The Benta Group has extended its activities all throughout Eastern Europe and holds showrooms in over 40 different locations. Since 2001 Remus and the DAW Benta Group have been rewarded on numerous occasions with First Place in the Top Businesses and Businessmen lists of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In 2011 Remus was listed as one of the top 500 wealthiest people in Romania by Forbes Magazine.

Selene Biffi
Selene is the founder of several social ventures, including Plain Ink - free,educational comics created for children and communities in developing countries -and Youth Action for Change (YAC), high-quality, free, online courses for youngchange-makers in 130 countries. She has been a consultant, trainer and speaker fororganizations including the UN, Amnesty International, the World Bank, Oxfam,OSCE, Council of Europe, Columbia University and Microsoft. She is now part of theTaskforce on Innovative Startups of the Minister of Economic Development of Italy.Selene is a member of RENA, an Italian association of young professionalspromoting innovation, merit, youth empowerment and a new generation of localpublic policies. She holds a NOHA Master's in International Humanitarian Actionfrom UCD (Ireland) and diplomas from Harvard University and INSEAD BusinessSchool.

Steffen Bilger
Steffen has been a Member of the Bundestag since 2009 and Chairman of the North Württemberg district branch of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) political party since 2011. Steffen joined the CDU and the Young Union (youth section of the CDU/CSU) in 1996 and was elected Chairman of the Baden-Württemberg Land branch of the Pupils’ Union. At the Parliament he is a Member of the Committee on Transport, Building and Urban Development, the Parliamentary Advisory Council on Sustainable Development and runs a study commission on growth, well-being and quality of life. He has also worked for the energy service company MVV Energiedienstleistungen GmbH in 2006. He holds a degree in law from Tübingen University.

Beata Bublewicz
Beata has been a Member of the Polish Parliament since 2005. As a member of the International Affairs Committee she focuses on Polish-Argentinian, Polish-Indian and Polish-Israeli relations. Before devoting herself to politics, she worked as an entrepreneur for eight years during which she held the post of Manager at General Motors Poland and Opel Polska. Beata graduated from Warsaw University (in Applied social sciences) and Warmia-and-Mazury University (in Humanities). Outside of her political career, she founded the Marian Bublewicz Foundation which advocates improving access to education.

Steffen Burkhardt
Steffen is Director of the International Media Center Hamburg. He researches and teaches with a focus on media sociology, social media, privacy and public sphere. His current research includes the transformation of privacy as a consequence of the internationalisation and digitalisation of media. He is a founding member of the Global Communication Association and is associated with numerous international organisations and think-tanks. He is a member of the selection committee of the German National Academic Foundation and several trusts to promote press freedom, human rights and democracy.

Cédric Denis-Remis
Cédric is French Dean of ParisTech-Shanghai JiaoTong, an international engineering school located in Shanghai, based on the French model of excellence.Prior to this, he was European Executive Director of China-EU “Institute for Clean and Renewable Energy” (ICARE), the third institute for higher education and research founded in the context of political agreements between the European Union and China. He was previously a researcher and teacher at Chinese universities (Tsinghua and Tongji) and has worked for major companies in both China and Europe (Sanofi, Saint-Gobain and Carrefour) as a consultant and trainer in the fields of management and sustainable development. He also spent four years as are research associate at the Ecole des Mines de Paris.

Balázs Denes
Balázs is a Hungarian lawyer and a human rights activist. In 1997 he joined the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU), the country’s leading civil liberties watchdog organisation, and after holding various positions he served as the HCLU Executive Director from 2004 to 2012. Since early 2013, he is Director of the European Civil Liberties Project at the Open Society Foundations. He is a founding member of many Hungarian NGOs, and serves on the board of the Common Sense for Drug Policy Foundation and the Melymosoly Foundation. He focuses on civil liberties, human rights, communication and NGO management issues. Balázs received his law degree in 1998 from ELTE University Budapest and is a 2003-2004 Columbia University/Global Network for Public Interest Law (PILnet) Fellow.

Rokhaya Diallo
Rokhaya is a human rights activist, journalist and Founder and former President of Les Indivisibles, a French organisation that uses humour and irony to fight racism. She is the Host and Co-Editor of “Egaux, mais pas trop” (Equal, but not too much), a series of reports on diversity issues in France. She has held several other noteworthy positions in the television field, basing her work primarily on social and political issues. In 2009, she co-directed the documentary Immigration, the words to tell it. Rokhaya has a Master’s in Marketing and Distribution in TV and Cinema Industry from the Sorbonne, a Master’s in Negotiation and Marketing and a Master’s in International and European Law. She is a published author and prolific conference speaker and is a member of several NGOs and organisations that base their work on social awareness. In 2012, she was awarded the “Award for Involvement against racism and discrimination” by COJEP International.

Ignacio Escolar
Ignacio is a journalist, political analyst and Founder and Director of, an online media political analysis site. Previously Ignacio founded and managed the well-known newspaper Publico. He also manages, the most popular and widely read political blog in Spain, which was named best political and journalist blog of the year in 2008 and 2009. Ignacio is also the founder of Bitban, a technology and design consulting company for Internet media communication, working with clients all over the world. In 2009 he was awarded the José Manuel Porquet Journalism Prize, the Mujeres Progresistas Prize for declining to publish prostitution ads in Publico and the Nicolas Salmeron for Human Rights Prize.

Mary Fitzgerald
Mary is the Irish Times' award-winning foreign affairs correspondent. She has worked across the Middle East, Africa and south Asia. Her work has appeared in several other publications including Foreign Policy, the Washington Post and the Guardian. She has also worked on a number of radio documentaries for the BBC. She has been awarded the Laurence Stern Fellowship at the Washington Post and the inaugural Douglas Gageby Fellowship at the Irish Times. Mary was a founding member of the Transatlantic Network 2020 (TN2020). She has initiated a number of projects through TN2020, including a partnership programme linking young professionals in the Balkans with their peers in western Europe and North America.

Nicola Formichella
Nicola is the Local Authorities and Parliamentarian Affairs Councillor for the Governor of Campania and the Deputy Head of Training for the national People of Freedom party (PDL). He is also CEO of the Buongoverno Foundation and of "Italianiinmente", a business accelerator and incubator for Italian start-ups. He was until recently a Member of the Italian Parliament’s EU Policy Committee and Head of the PDL party. Nicola started his career in the media sector as a TV station journalist for which he became Director in 1999. After working as a Parliamentary assistant, Nicola decided to run for the 2008 state legislative elections in the Campania region and was elected Deputy. Nicola holds a degree in Political Science from the Luiss Guido Carli University of Rome and a Master’s in Legislative Studies from the Istituto per la Documentazione e gli Studi Legislativi (ISLE) in Rome.

Alessandro Fusacchia
Alessandro is Advisor to the Italian Economic Development Minister on European Affairs, Innovation and Youth, and is Head of Office at the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. Previously he was an Official at the Council of the European Union dealing with global economic governance (G20/IMF). He has worked for the Italian Prime Minister’s office in Rome as part of the G8 team, as well as for the Italian Ministry of International Trade. He teaches at the LUISS Guido Carlo School of Government in Rome and at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris. Alessandro holds a PhD in Social and Political Sciences from the European University Institute in Florence. He was until recently President of RENA, the Italian association of young professionals promoting innovation, merit, youth empowerment and a new generation of local public policies. He is also the author of two novels.

Rabah Ghezali
Rabah is Director, European Legislative Affairs, European Government Affairs and Public Advocacy at NYSE Euronext as well as Adjunct Professor of Economics at Sciences-Po Paris. Rabah has had a successful diplomatic and legal career having worked as a counselor for major corporations and States. He holds a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Cambridge and a Master of Laws from the University of Oxford. Rabah is also a Research Fellow at the Center for Analysis and Proposals for Middle East and North Africa (CapMENA) and is a founding member of the Transatlantic Network 2020. He is a Member of the Young Atlanticist Group of the Atlantic Council and is a UN Alliance of Civilizations Fellow.

Jakob Haesler
Jakob is CEO and Co-Founder of Tinyclues SAS, a Paris-based software startup with the objective of industrialising datamining on Big Data with the help of advanced machine learning algorithms in a Cloud Computing environment. Previously he was a partner and consultant at McKinsey & Company in Germany and France where he worked on topics ranging from Banking to Public Sector Reform to Global Public Health issues, notably the creation and distribution of child HIV treatments. Prior to McKinsey he briefly worked at the World Bank. He holds a Master’s in Public Administration from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government and a Bachelor of Science from the University of St. Gallen. Jakob is also a founding partner of the “Cercle du leadership".

Fabian Heilemann
Fabian founded the leading German couponing company DailyDeal in 2009, acquired by Google in 2011. To date he still leads DailyDeal together with his co-founder and brother. In private, he invests as a business angel in technology start-ups through his holding Heilemann Ventures. Before founding DailyDeal, Fabian worked for various German law firms and as a business consultant for Booz & Co. Prior to that, he passed the First Bar Exam of the State of Hamburg with distinctions and submitted a PhD-thesis in Corporate Law at Heidelberg Law School. He was a visiting student at Santa Clara University and Stanford University, CA, USA and founded the Entrepreneurs Club at Bucerius Law School, Hamburg, Germany.

Lars Hinrichs
Lars is Founder and CEO of HackFwd, a pre-seed venture capital company investing in technical talent across Europe. He is best known for founding the worldwide social networking website XING, dedicated to cultivating business contacts. He is one of the most successful web entrepreneurs in Germany and has received several awards, including Germany’s leading award for print and online media, the Lead Award, the 2004 German Internet Prize of the Federal Ministry of Economics and was elected Germany’s most important web entrepreneur in 2008 by the Startups Initiative. He is also an honorary member of the German Committee of UNICEF.

Karel Janecek
Karel is Chairman of the Supervisory Board at RSJ Algorithmic Trading, which he founded in 1995. RSJ trades financial derivatives on its own account and is the largest trader on NYSE Euronext’s futures exchange stock market. He also leads several endowments: in 2010 he established the Karel Janeček Foundation in support of science and research; in 2011 he founded the Anticorruption Endowment, which has been leading successful anticorruption initiatives in the Czech social and political environment; and in 2012 he founded the Help endowments for people in need. Karel is also co-founder of the Positive Evolution Initiative, which seeks to define the most needed values in today’s Czech society while encouraging the public to strengthen civil society initiatives based on democratic principles. He holds a PhD in Mathematical Finance from Carnegie Mellon University.

Konstantinos Karagkounis
Konstantinos is a Member of the Hellenic Parliament since June 2009, serving as Deputy Minister of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights for the Hellenic Parliament. He is also an attorney by profession practicing in Athens. He received a first degree in Law from the National and Kapodestrian University of Athens and an LL.M. in International Legal Studies from the University of London (UEL) from which he graduated with honours. Afterwards he continued his studies at the University of Edinburgh specialising in intellectual property. In 2011 Konstantinos attended the “Leadership for the 21st Century” programme at Harvard.

Zakia Khattabi
Zakia is President of the Green Party of the Belgian Senate, Senator for the French Community Parliament and Vice President of the Senate’s Justice Commission. She is a member of the PCF & PRB parties. Zakia has an extensive background in politics and project management and has comprehensive experience as a researcher in social issues. She holds a Social Studies degree from the ISFSC in Brussels as well as several other academic diplomas in public management, project management and solidarity studies. Zakia is an avid supporter of anti-racist movements and women’s rights and is a founding member of the Arab Women Solidarity Association and a member of the French Women’s Council in Belgium.

Anna Krol
Anna is Founder and President of the Board of Go Culture, the first professional Polish agency dealing with the implementation and communication of cultural projects. As such she is responsible for promotional campaigns and projects and has planned and dealt with the communication aspects not only of publishing houses, festivals, concerts and social and educational events, but also of well-known international consumer brands. Four projects she carried out were awarded the Golden Clip prize in a contest organised by the Public Relations Companies Association for the best public relations campaigns. She is also a lecturer at the Polish Open University and an expert in the field of professional theater.

Axelle Lemaire
Axelle is a Socialist Party MP in the French Parliament for the constituency of Northern Europe, elected in 2012 as a member of the European Affairs Commission and Secretary to the Bills Commission. She previously served as Secretary of the French Socialist Party (PS) in London. After working as a lawyer and researcher in law at University, her keen interest in politics brought her to the House of Commons, where she spent several years working for a Labour MP. She also chaired the UK branch of the Socialist Party for five years. Axelle has attended some of the most prestigious universities, among which Sciences Po and Assas, in Paris, and in Great Britain, King’s College.

Ania Lichota
In 1996, Ania left Poland by bus and with one bag to study at the London School of Economics. Since then she has lived in 9 countries and worked in 17 holding executive positions. She has climbed the highest peak on every continent and wrote a best-selling book: Why the Hell Bother? How Climbing the Seven Summits Changed My Life. She has founded her own charity building and renovating schools in Nepal and is Chairwoman of the Polish Psychologists Association in London. In 2010, Ania received the Woman of the Year award by the Polish press in London and the Inclusive and Inspirational Leadership award from the Chairman of UBS Investment Bank for her work as a Global Change Leader there. After having transformed her own life on many levels she now does executive coaching, inspires others through public speaking and leads workshops in leadership and personal development. Ania holds an MBA and PhD in Leadership and International Management, an MSc in Social and Organisational Psychology and an MSc in Management and Marketing.

André Loesekrug
André is the CEO and Founding Managing Partner of A CAPITAL, the first private equity group focused on Chinese outbound investments. Previously, André was Executive Assistant to the CEO of Aerospatiale-Airbus and co-founded CEL Partners, a growth fund dedicated to China that focused on cleantech and healthcare. He is a graduate of the HEC School of Management, of the International MBA Program at the Michigan Business School in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is also a visiting lecturer in Finance at Renmin University in Beijing and Chairman of the PE and Strategic M&A Working Group of the European Chamber in China.

Clare Lockhart
Clare is Co-founder and Director of the Institute for State Effectiveness, an initiative dedicated to understanding the balance between state, market and civil society in the 21st century and to creating actionable tools and approaches to enhance stability. In addition, she directs the Marketing Building Initiative of the Aspen Institute. Among many awards and prizes, Clare has been appointed Fellow of Harvard University, named one of Foreign Policy’s Top Global Thinkers, and was appointed Chair of the Fragile States Council for the World Economic Forum during the 2011-12 term. Clare also participated in the Bonn Agreement as an advisor to the UN and the Government of Afghanistan.

Mika Makelainen
Mika is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of the GTW Group Ltd, a management company that regroups a wide range of other companies specialising in diverse fields such as sales consultancy, staffing, games, web-services, e-commerce, marketing and IT services. Mika is a member of the Finnish Association of Professional Board Members and a partner of Boardman which is leading network of Finnish corporate governance specialists focusing on the development of good corporate governance and board work in Finland. In 2011 he was named Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Finland and 100 most influential IT opinion leader in Finland and 2012 Young Leader and Entrepreneur of the Year by the World Network of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

Michel Martone
Michel is Professor of Industrial Relations and Labour Law at the Law Faculty of Teramo University, Professor at the Italian National School of Government and Visiting Professor of Labour Law at the Law Faculty of L.U.I.S.S. Guido Carli University in Rome. Michel was appointed Deputy Minister for Labour and Social Policy by Prime Minister Mario Monti in November 2011, a position he held until Spring 2013. He previously served as Legal Advisor to the Minister for Public Administration and Innovation and to the Minister of Employment and Social Affairs, and has represented Italy in the Board of Directors of Eurofound. He is a registered barrister at the Court of Rome, and in 2009 he and his brother founded the law firm Martone & Martone. Michel is a member of various think tanks, an editor for newspapers and specialised journals on labour and economic issues, and the author of many publications on labour law.

Adolfo Mesquita Nunes
Adolfo is the Portuguese Secretary of State of Tourism since early 2013. Prior to this he was a Member of the Portuguese Parliament’s Committees on Ethics, Communication and Citizenship; Budget, Finance and Public Administration; and Monitoring Measures of the Financial Assistance Programme to Portugal. He has extensive experience in the legal sector, having served as a lawyer, consultant and advisor to various public institutions and private firms. In 2004 he was Head of Cabinet for the Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning. He holds a Master’s degree in Law and Political Science from the University of Lisbon where he defended his thesis on The Urgency in Public Procurement Litigation.

Nicolas Petit
Nicolas has been Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Officer at Microsoft France since 2011. Previously, he held various key positions at Microsoft in the consumer and online, mobile and enterprise spaces. He has extensive international experience in the high-tech and digital industries, starting his career in New York with Thomson Multimedia. He then did strategy consulting with Arthur D. Little in London and Paris to assist European governments and industry players in framing their digital strategies. Since 2006, Nicolas has been awarded several industry awards and selected for Microsoft’s Executive Leadership program. He holds a Master in Business Administration from HEC Business School and a Master in Public Administration from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris.

Emma Reynolds
Emma is a Member of the British Parliament since 2010 and she is currently member of the Foreign Affairs Committee as well as Shadow Minister for Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Prior to becoming an MP, Emma helped to set up a business which supported British companies in understanding and influencing EU laws. She then went on to work for the Party of European Socialists in Brussels as an adviser to Robin Cook. Emma was later appointed as political advisor to Geoff Hoon, in his role as Europe Minister and then Chief Whip. She graduated from Oxford University in philosophy, politics and economics.

Denis Roio
Denis (also known as Jaromil) is a free software programmer who founded, a website dedicated to the development of free software. He is also both a media artist and an activist. He has made significant contributions to the development of multimedia and streaming applications on the Linux platform and has led R&D activities in the Netherlands Media Art Institute for the past 6 years. He was honoured with the Vilém Flusser Theory Award in 2009, for his outstanding digital arts practice, and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the Planetary Collegium’s Milan node at the University of Plymouth.

Lavinia Sandru
Lavinia is President of the European Ecologist Association and television anchor on a Romanian political critique show. Formerly, she was Vice President of the National Union for the Progress of Romania (UNPR). Prior to this she was President of the National Initiative Party (PIN). Before launching her political career she worked in the film and media sector. Lavinia is an active supporter of ecology and was the Director of the “EcoFest Manifesto for Earth Health” Festival, the first European tour representing the Romanian ecologist movement. In 2007 Lavinia was a key figure in the “Romanian’s Guide in the European Union” promotion campaign. In 2011 Lavinia received the Woman of the Year award in the Politicians category at the Romanian Women of Success Gala. Lavinia attended the Arts and Theatre Academy of Targu Mures and holds a PhD in Political Sciences from the University of Bucharest.

Slawomir Sierakowski
Slawomir is the founder and leader of 'Krytyka Polityczna' (the Political Critique), the widest Polish movement of left-wing intellectuals, artists and activists, with branches in Ukraine, Germany and Russia. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the daily ‘Dziennik Opinii’ (The Opinion Daily) and The Publishing House and Director of the Institute for Advanced Study in Warsaw. He is President of the Stanislaw Brzozowski Association, running six cultural centres and 25 local centres in Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Germany. Slawomir has written numerous essays and op-eds, mainly devoted to Polish and European politics and culture.

Camille de Toledo
Camille is a European writer, creator and artist. He studied in Paris, at the London School of Economics, as well as in New York. He has published several novels, shorts and essays, such as 'The Inversion of Hieronymus Bosch' (2005), 'Lives and Death of an American Terrorist' (2007), and 'L’inquiétude d’être au monde' (The Anxiety of Being in the World, 2012). In 2004, Camille won the Villa Medicis scholarship for his literary and video work. His short film, “Tango de Olvido”, was selected for the 2002 Cannes Film Festival. In 2008 he founded the European Society of Authors with other intellectual figures to promote a cultural Europe on the basis of what he coined a translation citizenship. He is the Chief Editor of and Chief Advisor of the “” project, a multilingual translation platform.

Dimitris Tsigos
Dimitris is Founder and CEO of StartTech Ventures, a seed fund, incubator and business angel network for the ICT sector. The Group was the first Greek Seed Fund member of the European Business Angels Network (EBAN) and has helped launch more than ten successful IT start-ups. He is President of the Hellenic Start-up Association, a collective effort of Greek start-up entrepreneurs promoting high-growth and innovative entrepreneurship in Greece. He is also President of YES – the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs, which is the leading organisation of youth entrepreneurship in Europe. He holds an MBA from the Athens University of Economics and Business and a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Crete.

Kirsten Van Den Hul
Kirsten has worked as a ‘change agent’ since 2006. As such she has been involved in a number of different change projects for companies and organisations such as Nike and Amnesty International. She is also a columnist for several Dutch newspapers on issues ranging from women's rights to international relations. Trained as an Eastern Europe specialist, she has worked for several international NGOs, including international women’s fund Mama Cash and the European Cultural Foundation. After working as a Communication Officer for LPG multinational SHV Gas, Kirsten also worked as a Programme Coordinator for Cultuurfabriek, a communications and production agency. While there she set up WOMEN Inc., a platform for debate and interaction, and was also involved with several other social and cultural projects.

Charles Edouard Vincent
Charles Edouard is Founder and Head of Emmaüs Défi, a branch of Emmaüs France, which functions as a non-discriminating company providing jobs to all those who cannot find work in today’s market. He has an atypical background having previously worked in the IT sector at companies such as Netscape, Escalate and SAP France. Only later did he decide to dedicate his career to social entrepreneurship. Charles Edouard also teaches a Social Business and Poverty Entrepreneurship class at the HEC School in Paris. He has attended several universities such as Ecole Polytechnique, ParisTech and Standford, from which he received a Masters degree in Engineering Management.

Leendert de Voogd
Leendert is Global Head of the Political and Social Practice of TNS, one of the world’s largest market research companies. From 2002 to 2007 he was Joint Managing Director of TNS Opinion, a co-ordination centre for multi-country studies based in Brussels. Leendert is a member of ESOMAR, a worldwide market, social and opinion research association. Over the last 15 years he has been in charge of the coordination of survey research in countries around the world for an important number of international institutions such as the European Commission, the European Central Bank, the European Parliament and the World Bank. He studied Political Science at Belgium’s Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) and also at Institut d'Etudes Politiques / Sciences Po Paris.