The first European leadership programme
Each year, forty young leaders from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds and various European nationalities are carefully selected to take part in a series of bi-annual 3-day meetings. On 6-8 December 2012, the second group of selected European Young Leaders for 2012-13 met for their first seminar in Berlin.

The European Young Leaders ‘40 under 40’ programme by EuropaNova and Friends of Europe engages forty of the European Union’s brightest young minds in order to create a new generation of opinion leaders promoting a European identity. Among the many challenges that Europe faces, the absence of a collective vision presents one of the principal obstacles to an effective and sustainable system of governance, as well as stable and harmonious societies. The Young Leaders are asked to reflect upon the major problems confronting Europe and to generate innovative ideas that can provide lasting solutions. They will become ambassadors for a new vision, one which can counter the re-emergence of nationalist tendencies and provide inspiration for a European renewal.